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Research Department

The Research Department plays a vital role in NIH by enhancing the quality and impact of health research. It has the following main functions:


Conducting Scientific & Peer-Reviewed Research

The department conducts research in various fields of health to produce reliable and valid information and data. These can help the health and policy authorities to make informed and evidence-based decisions on health-related topics and issues.


Developing and Disseminating guidelines

The department leads the development and dissemination of guidelines to make health research more scientific and ethically sound. These guidelines aim to ensure that health research is conducted with respect for human dignity, rights, and welfare and that it adheres to the principles of relevance, validity, transparency, and accountability.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to improve health through evidence-based research and to provide value for health, society, and the economy.



Improvement of health through evidence-based research.



- Providing research to enhance people's health, promote evidence-based care and address societal issues.

- Investing in research that delivers value for health, the health system, society, and the economy.

Our Goals

Our Goals

We strive to achieve excellence in health research through collaboration, innovation, and translation.

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