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Public Health Laboratory Services

Public health laboratory services are vital for Somalia to protect and promote the health of its population. They enable the development and implementation of national laboratory policies and strategic plans that coordinate and integrate laboratory resources in Somalia. The National Institute of Health (NIH) is the leading federal biomedical research institution in Somalia, with the vision to improve the health of the Somali people through innovative integration of research, education, training, and prevention and control of diseases.


One of our objectives at NIH is to strengthen the capacity of laboratories to provide timely and accurate information to guide the public health management of cases of disease both routinely and during public health emergencies. To achieve this objective, we are:


      1. Supporting laboratories to work towards accreditation by providing technical assistance, quality assurance, and equipment maintenance.
      2. Helping countries develop national laboratory strategic plans that align with national health policies and priorities.
      3. Facilitating training of laboratorians in various specialties such as equipment maintenance and calibration, field epidemiology, data management, and others.
      4. Supporting to establish and implement specimen referral networks that ensure efficient and safe transportation of samples within the country and across borders.
      5. Installation of laboratory management systems that enable data collection, analysis, and reporting for evidence-based decision-making.


We believe that public health laboratory services are vital for improving the health outcomes and quality of life of the Somali people. We invite you to join us in our efforts to strengthen the laboratory system in Somalia.



The Mission

We aim to improve the quality of health care service by establishing a quality laboratory system and building the capacity of national and regional clinical and public health reference laboratories.

The Vision

We seek to strengthen public health laboratory systems and networks through continued improvements in workforce competency to ensure quality and safety.

The Goal
  1. Establish and maintain quality assured laboratories that meet international standards and accreditation criteria.
  2. Implement laboratory quality management systems that ensure accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of laboratory results.
  3. Strengthen laboratory capacity for referral and backup testing services that support clinical care, public health surveillance and outbreak response.