Overview about NIH

Under the leadership of Dr. Fowziya Abikar Nur , the National Institute of Health (NIH) was established and approved in 2019 under the directorate of federal Ministry of Health and Human service (FMOH&HS). The NIH Somalia is semi-autonomous governmental public health Institution that is a legal body and shall have financial, administrative, and technical independence, as well as the legal eligibility to proceed with all the actions and works that ensure achieving its mandate.

Purpose & mission

The original purpose of Somalia’s NIH is to monitoring and responding to health threats. Monitoring requires reference laboratories and surveillance, and response requires outbreak control and implementation of evidence –based health actions. Furthermore, the mission of NIH Somalia is to promote and protect the health of the Somali people by addressing the important public health issues for the country through evidence based public health information that guides decision-making of public health authorities. This is also one of the institutions, which could also provide guidance, and prevention of the threat of infectious diseases as Somalia still is in an emergency situation. It will also provide the future public health work force development for Somalia, which the country needs immensely.

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