The Federal Ministry of Health, on behalf of the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, will implement the Somalia COVID-19 Emergency Vaccination Project financed by the International Development Association (IDA).

The Ministry will implement the Project in accordance with the Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs). To this end, it has developed an Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) that sets out material measures and actions to be carried out or caused to be carried out by the government of Somalia, including the timeframes of the actions and measures, institutional, staffing, training, monitoring and reporting arrangements, grievance management and the environmental and social assessments and instruments to be prepared or updated, disclosed, consulted, adopted and implemented under the ESCP and the ESSs, all in a manner acceptable to the IDA.

Implementation of the ESCP and the material measures and actions set out in this ESCP will be monitored and reported to the Association as required by the ESCP and the provisions of the Financing Agreement.

  1. ESCP – Somalia COVID-19 EV Project – Aug. 17 2021