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NIH Somalia Mandates

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To ensure effective prevention, detection, preparedness and response to outbreaks and other public health emergencies to achieve universal health coverage and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030 and the African Union Agenda 2063. NIH will seek to become an outstanding health institution that improves the health of the Somali people through innovative integration of research, Surveillance, training, and prevention as well as control of diseases to achieve the highest quality of life and equity in the health sector in Somalia.



A nation free and secure from all public health risks and hazards.

Our Mission

To build resilient systems with the capacity to prevent, promptly detect, and effectively respond to public health risks and emergencies through attaining and sustaining IHR (2005) core capacities

Our Goal

To reduce morbidity, mortality, disability and socio-economic disruptions due to public health threats and emergencies.

Core Values

Our core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Ethical
  • Shared responsibility and accountability
  • Team work and Cooperation

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