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The National Public Health Institute Somalia (NIHS) is a semi-autonomous national public health institution under the directorate of the Ministry of health and Human service (MOH&HS) . The NIHS develops and supports activities to promote and protect the health of the Somali people by addressing the important public health issues for the country through evidence based public health information that guides decision-making of public health authorities. Our vision is to improve the health of the Somali people through Innovative integration of research, education, training, and prevention and control of diseases to achieve the highest quality of life and equity in health.

Why National Institute of Health Somalia?

The success of rebuilding a sustainable health system in Somalia is dependent on the availability of evidence based national health information that guides the MOH&HS and other stakeholders in identifying priorities, adopting an evidence based national health policy and subsequently making decisions to improve the country’s health care system. In most nations, such evidence-based information is supplied to the MOH&HS by equivalent institutions developed for this specific public health purpose.     Nonetheless, establishing such a demanding institution in Somalia requires the presence of highly qualified health personnel with the capability to develop and implement advanced and innovative public health projects and research. After seeing the absence of such an important institution in Somalia, the establishment of the NIH under the MOH&HS was envisaged with the cooperation and coordination of the national and international partners with the idea of   strengthening the MOH&HS capability to develop a more effective and sustainable health care system in the country. We hope that NIH Somalia will be a valuable and successful institute for our people and that this document will contribute a lot to that success.

Dr. Abdifatah Ahmed, Msc, MPH

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