Department of Infectious Diseases Control and preparedness

NIHS IS committed to the promotion of equity and policies that are pro-poor, in its infectious diseases prevention and control activities. Our work is based on the recognition of poverty as a major barrier to health and health care. In infectious diseases such as TB and HIV, Malaria, the links between poverty and disease burden have been known for many years. The following six principal steps are recommended and NIHS is committed to working towards these principles.

  1. Who are the poor and vulnerable populations?
  2. What are the main barriers they face in accessing services that provide infectious disease treatment?
  3. What steps can be taken to overcome these barriers?
  4. Which situations and groups require special consideration?
  5. What resources can be mobilized to strengthen infectious diseases control for the poor and vulnerable groups?
  6. How can the impact of pro-poor measures be assessed?
  7. Department Sections

    The department has the following sections:

    • Section of Infectious Diseases
    • Section of National Public Health Reference Laboratory
    • Section of Emergency Preparedness and Response

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