Department of Finance and Human Resources


  • To plan, develop and implement Financial Accounting policies and policy, Budgetary Programs, Rules, Regulations and Procedure
  • To ensure inter-departmental coordination in programming and the budgetary process, as well as to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of programs in realizing organizational goals and objectives

  • Core functions

  • To prepare integrated programmes of overall operational activities and projects
  • To prepare and issue instructions relating to budget preparation
  • To conduct and monitor the process of budget preparation
  • To prepare the programme budget of the Commission and follow up its implementation
  • To organize coordination meetings on programming and budgeting
  • To propose training programmes relating to programme designing, programme coordination, and budget preparation
  • To initiate, propose, manage and implement financial policies
  • To develop, maintain financial and accounting rules and procedures

  • This department has the following section

    1. Section of finance and logistics
    2. Section Human Resources

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