The Somali RMNCAH strategy was developed through wide-ranging consultations that
encompassed all the national stakeholders at the federal and state levels engaging the public and private
sectors, civil society organizations, United Nations organizations supporting the health sector and
development partners and international NGOs collaboratively assisting the delivery of health
services in the country. The Somali Federal Ministry of Health wishes to express its deepest sense
of gratitude and appreciation for the technical advisory and guidance proffered by each one of them
in the development and finalization of this strategy. We are particularly indebted to the World
Health Organization (WHO) consultant Dr. Khalif Bile Mohamud for providing his valuable
technical leadership to the entire process with his meticulous attention to detail. We are
immensely grateful to WHO for providing the needed technical and financial support in
undertaking this gigantic consultative process that was able to reach out to the health ministries at
federal and state levels across the country. Our special gratitude is extended to two senior WHO
technical officers Dr Humayun Rizwan and Dr. Mona Ahmed Al Mudhwahi for their technical
and organizational support.

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