The NIH’s board of directors

Members of the Board of Management are members who act on behalf of the NIH, including service recipients, funders, members, partners, the Somali government and taxpayers. The general responsibilities of NIH’s board of directors include:

  • Acting in an overall advisory capacity
  • Oversight all activities and programs undertaken by NIH
  • The minister of Health & Human Service nominates or terminates Executive Director and the NIH Deputy Executive Director upon the proposal NIH Board of Directors
  • Controlling properties, funds, and trusts as permitted by law
  • Provide advice and consent to the Board of Management on the appointment of the chairman and the Director in charge of the Secretariat.
  • Actively set policy and ensure that the institute has adequate resources to carry out its mission.
  • Provide direct oversight and direction for the executive director and be responsible for evaluating his or her performance.
  • Communicate international community for Lobbing and Fundraising for NIH activities.
  • Liaise with relevant government institutions and international partners/ private sector

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